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3 “All Things” I Can Do, Winter 2014

666? Nah, God All the Way! Fall 2016

Adoption by God. Summer 2014

Attitude Adjustment that’s Doable. Spring 2012

Be-Happy Attitudes, Fall 2012

Believe – the Sign, the Mug, and the T-Shirt. Winter 2011

Broken Pieces. Fall 2008

Burden of Bad Experiences. Spring 2009

Celebrating Christmas with Difficult People, Winter 2009

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life. Summer 2009

Choices, Complicated. Spring 2011

Choices, When They Become a Problem. Spring 2009

Choices for Moms & Kids. Spring 2009

Christmas poem, Forgiveness Start Over. Winter 2014

Cry of God. Winter 2010

Desperation is not Forever, Spring 2010

Disappointments, Handling. Winter 2010

Don’t Get It Twisted, Fall 2016

Don’t Miss the Signs of Child Abuse Summer 2015

Easter Story for Mom & Kids, Spring 2008

Empowerment that’s Real. Spring 2012

Find it in the Bible. Fall 2011

Forgive Yourself of Your Past. Fall 2010

Forgiveness, Let’s Start Over Winter 2014

Forgiveness, One Secret to Happiness. Fall 2014

God May Be Invisible, But Not Silent. Summer 2013

God’s Emergency Numbers in the Bible. Fall 2011

Habits for a Lifetime. Fall 2011

Happiness Secret, Forgiveness. Fall 2014

Healing for the Shattered Soul. Fall 2011

Help is on the Way Winter 2015

How to be a “Forever Child of God” Summer 2015

I Am what I Think, I Do what I Think! Spring 2010

I Got the Sign, the Mug, and the T-shirt! Winter 2011

It’s All in a Name Winter 2016

Jelly Beans Tell the Easter Story Spring 2016

Keeping Score! God’s Way or ? Fall 2013

More Grace Where You Need It, Winter 2008

My Merry Go Round Masquerade Party. Fall 2008

Not Broken Forever. Summer 2011

Open Letter from “Dad” (Spiritual Father). Summer 2009

P.S. You Have Everything. Winter 2013

Prayer for the Day. Fall 2011

Praying Mothers Change Lives. Fall 2013

Proverbs 8, Fall 2015

Safe and Secure in God’s Hands Winter 2015

Saying Goodbye. Winter 2011

Silent Night, Holy Night. Winter 2007

Star Child/Suicide. Winter 2018

Stepping Into (or OUT of) the Ring. Spring 2008

Thinking Out of the Box. Summer 2012

Trapped in Suicide. Spring 2010

Un-Answered Prayers Summer 2015

Weed those Weeds. Summer 2010

What We Believe. Winter 2007

When God Plants a Dream in Your Heart. Fall 2009

When the Blues Isn’t Just Music. Summer 2012

When the Glass Slipper Doesn’t Fit. Spring 2013

Where I’m From. Winter 2013

You Have Now Winter 2015


5 Tips to Reach Your Goals Now Winter 2015

Abortion regrets/ helpline. Spring 2011

Abortion Emotional Denial. Fall 2014

Abortion, Season for Healing, Winter 2014

Abuse Happens Spring 2015

Add Sparkle to Your Life. Spring 2013

Alcohol Is Not Going To Steal My Christmas Winter 2016

Amongst the Ruins Spring 2016

Apps to Live By. Spring 2013

B4PINK /Breast Health. Fall 2012

Back to School Tips. Fall 2009

Be the Parent Your Child Needs You to Be Fall 2012

Book Review. Spring 2014

Bring on the Crowds Winter 2011

Christmas is the Season of Giving. Winter 2018

Crocheting, Beginner Help. Spring 2011

Dating –Problem Might not be what you think. Summer 2009

Dating – Fruit Inspection, Fall 2009

Deciding to Grow. Summer 2008

Dinner Time Focus. Fall 2008

Disconnect to Connect. Winter 2018

Encouragement by Example. Spring 2014

Enter a New World – Open a Book. Summer 2012

Facebook “Overheard” Summer 2015

Fashion Forward 4 Fall. Fall 2013

Fevers and Kids, Fall 2016

Friendship Thoughts. Fall 2013

GED Helps. Spring 2013

Get Real During the Holidays. Winter 2018

Getting Out of the Rut. Winter 2018

Give Yourself a Break, Fall 2015

Giving Life / Life Giving Spring 2016

Going from “Uh huh” … With Your Kids. Winter 2013

Hey, I Can Use That. Summer 2012

Hugging a Sack of Potatoes Spring 2015

Husbands, Ways our Words Put the Knife In. Summer 2013

I Didn’t Know, Winter 2013

I’m Going to Be Somebody! Spring 2013

Jelly Beans Tell the Easter Story. Spring 2008

Kid Dreams. Fall 2009

Legacy Circle Spring 2016

Legacy Memorial, Winter 2014

Lover Boy Lies, Spring 2017

Lover-boy Lies that Lead to Slavery. Spring 2012

Making Manger Memories Winter 2016

Men on Assignment to Destroy You Summer 2015

No Bully Zone. Summer 2010

No Tree No Problem Winter 2015

One Small Thing Spring 2015

Packing for Camp. Summer 2013

Packing It In for Camp. Summer 2008

Picnic Fun. Summer 2010

PURPLE Crying Period (Babies). Fall 2014

Prostitute & Homeless No More, Fall 2015

Putting Shoe Leather to the Ground. Fall 2012

Reactive Attachment Disorder Kids. Summer 2014

Sample checklist to pack for camp. Summer 2008

Sample letter to send to child. Summer 2008

Season for Healing/Abortion Winter 2014

Seven Ways Our Words Put the Knife In. Summer 2014

Shaken Baby Syndrome. Fall 2014

Slasher & Horror Movies Unhealthy. Fall 2011

Small Budget, Small Spaces, Fall 2016

Small Steps Build Big Arks. Winter 2013

So You Want to Go to College, Spring 2017

Something from Nothing, Beauty. Winter 2010

Special Occasions. Winter 2007

Stress Free Mornings. Fall 2011

Suicide and Drug Abuse. Winter 2018

Summer Reading = Success. Summer 2008

Summer Reading Favorites. Summer 2008

Summer Science for Kids. Summer 2009

Tell Them Who You Are / Resume. Summer 2013

The Worth of My Body. Winter 2007

Time to Treasure. Spring 2014

Tips on Coping with Loss. Winter 2013

Top 2010 Christian Songs. Spring 2011

Toys, for kids, Moms can play too. Spring 2010

Wall of Denial – Abortion. Fall 2014

Wedding Blog #1. Fall 2010

We Win Dad. Summer 2011

What Doesn’t Kill You Spring 2016

When Autism is a Gift in Disguise. Winter 2013

Working Mom Guilt?, Fall 2015

You Are Not Alone (Raising kids solo). Spring 2008

FASHION/BEAUTY – Personal and Home

Before You Gather ‘Round the Table. Winter 2009

Beauty Tips from the Kitchen. Spring 2011

Bling Out Your Toes Spring 2015

Crazy Beautiful Fashion Show. Winter 2010

Decorating on a Dime. Summer 2011

De-Junking Your Home. Spring 2009

Dying Faded Clothes. Fall 2011

Get It On Sale – One outfit, three ways. Fall 2008

Green Spaces to Live In. Summer 2010

Gulf Oil Spill & Gov’t Leadership. Fall 2010

Makeup Your Holiday. Winter 2008

Perk Up Windows. Summer 2008

Poetry: “Fallen Pieces”. Spring 2008

Putting Your Best Foot Forward. Spring 2012

A Safe Christmas is a Merry Christmas. Winter 2007

Secret Weapon for Me Winter 2016

Spa Time at Home. Summer 2008

Writing A Winning Resume. Winter 2008


Gift-Giving on a Shoestring Budget. Winter 2009

Money Issues/Where does it go? Spring 2012

Solavei (Moblie Phone Plans). Winter 2013

Want vs. Need. Spring 2008

What to do with Stimulus Check. Summer 2008


Apples or Salad? Spring 2017

BMI   “Ask Pat”. Spring 2009

Can’t Believe They’re Eating…, Winter 2010

Dental Hygiene/Miles of Smiles. Fall 2010

Flu Shots   “Ask Pat”. Winter 2008

Headache Pain Explained, Spring 2017

Immunizations for Children   “Ask Pat”. Fall 2008

Getting Sick after the Holidays? “Ask Pat”. Spring 2010

Preparing your daughter for Menstruation. Summer 2011

Quick Cleaning Tips. Winter 2007

Self-Defense. Fall 2008

What medicines to send with child for camp? Summer 2008

Why Muscles Cramp?   “Ask Pat”. Winter 2007


Baking (and Making) Christmas Memories. Winter 2008

Brain Fuel Winter 2016

Breakfast & Lunch Ideas. Fall 2009

Craving Certain Foods   “Ask Pat”. Spring 2008

Cucumber Recipes. Summer 2013

Picnic Fun. Summer 2010

Real Food for Real People, Fall 2016

Salad Recipes. Fall 2014

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Winter 2015


A Fresh Start Spring 2016

Do-It-Yourself Handyman Tips. Winter 2013

Early Christmas Wreath. Winter 2013

Hanging Curtains. Spring 2014

Scent-sationalize Your Home. Winter 2014

Stenciling Walls. Summer 2014


Christy Sobolick, East Central Ministries

Everyone really enjoyed the last issue.

Bruce Marchiano, Actor, Author and Producer

“What you’re doing through Reach UP is very exciting and special. Well done!”

Joanna Lopez-Walker, Tampa Housing Authority

“Reach UP brings a smile to the people getting it.”

Linda “Peaches” Tavani, WowJam/originally of “Peaches & Herb

“Great to be Reunited. Love your mission. Blessings!”

Charreah Jackson, Essence Magazine



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