Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to help marginalized women because I have found a gap in print material that addressed and inspired the how-to of their personal development. I am able to do this because I lived and worked in the inner city and was in their homes and stores on a weekly basis for nine years. I founded a strategic magazine called Reach UP that is distributed by organizations whose work is with disenfranchised women. Their clients, Reach UP’starget audience, love the special attention they receive when give a FREE magazine just for them with articles that speak directly to their felt needs and circumstances.


Christy Sobolick, East Central Ministries

Everyone really enjoyed the last issue.

Bruce Marchiano, Actor, Author and Producer

“What you’re doing through Reach UP is very exciting and special. Well done!”

Joanna Lopez-Walker, Tampa Housing Authority

“Reach UP brings a smile to the people getting it.”

Linda “Peaches” Tavani, WowJam/originally of “Peaches & Herb

“Great to be Reunited. Love your mission. Blessings!”

Charreah Jackson, Essence Magazine



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